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About Us

Our team of security experts work with clients to deliver end-to-end services that solve key business challenges. NextZen Security specialists are highly accredited by major industry bodies and have extensive experience delivering services across Cyber Security, MSS, Security Testing & Technical assurance, and Security consulting and advisory for various clients across the world.
NextZen Security is headquartered in the Australia where they run a 24/7 Service offerings and has recently expanded into the New Zealand and Canada to further support global clients. The subsidiary branch USA has commenced operation in 2023. Since being founded in 2016, NextZen Security has grown rapidly and is now one of the Australia’s largest independent cyber security services providers.
Our consultants are well versed and certified as well as carries greater knowledge in the following industry standards including ISO 27001/2/4, ISO 25999, HMG SPF, ISF Standard of Good Practice, COBIT, PCI-DSS, Cloud Security Best Practice, TOGAF V9, SABSA.


Security, Integrity, Privacy, Fairness & Accountability

Ecosystem partners

We work with law enforcement, regulators and a large ecosystem of sector specialists who provide continuous cyber defense support, trend analysis, threat hunting, advanced threat analytics and more. Some of our top ecosystem partners include:


NextZen Security is continuously aiming to be on the bleeding edge of Cyber Security Consulting, Security Testing & Assurance, Security Architecture & Strategy, Data Protection & Privacy, and the preferred partner for the selection and integration of our security offerings we can only achieve this through the expertise and passion of our people. We are committed to ensuring that our values drive the way we work with our customers, and each other, in order to deliver future success for all of us.


NextZen Security aims to form long-lasting and trusted relationships with our customers, known for providing the highest levels of service across our practice areas, positioning Cyber Security Architecture, Security consulting,  Security Testing and assurance by providing Data Protection & Privacy as a key enabler to the success of our clients in the execution of their business strategy.

Our Client Segments

At NextZen Security, we commit to a customer-driven approach from the start and go to any lengths to ensure our customers’ data safety and stability in tact all the time.
We serve all sizes starting from small to medium to big enterprise clients.

Founder and CEO

Santanu Roy

Santanu is both the founder and director of NextZen Security. He is a highly accomplished Cyber Security Architect with a strong technical background, with 15 plus years in both internal, and customer-facing roles; from Analyst, Management Consultant, and Solution Architect, through to Enterprise Security Architect.

Santanu has worked with a wide range of clients ranging from small to large global enterprises across multiple industry sectors (financial, retail, government, Telecom etc.). Typically engaged in Business Transformation Programmes with multi $M funding criteria. He has gathered quantifiable experience in analysis, cyber security design, architecture development, testing, deployment, and infrastructure roles. Routinely operating within cyber security programmes that adopt formal project governance and delivery methodology.

He has experience of working at the ground level, but also experience of C level consultancy providing advice on best practices, security strategy and roadmap, technical solution definition and sourcing strategies.

Considered an energetic, enthusiastic and reliable individual by his peers, with the highest standards of integrity and ethics, who has a proven ability to deliver results and engage stakeholders at all levels within an organisation. Working well both as part of a team or under his own initiative.

Santanu is an interactive member of the Australian and Canadian Information security community with strong cybersecurity architectural expertise.

In-depth knowledge of industry standards including ISO 27001/2/4, ISO 25999, HMG SPF, ISF Standard of Good Practice, COBIT, PCI-DSS, Cloud Security Best Practice, TOGAF V9, SABSA

Director and Chief People Officer (CPO)

Debasree Roy

Debasree Roy (aka Debbie) is both NextZen Security’s Director and CPO, overseeing people strategy and all aspects of HR. She has also been involved in corporate marketing, brand establishment, building trust & relationship with key security vendors, technical marketing, demand generation, and enabling cyber security knowledge to our customers. Her background includes 15 plus years of working with product owners, evaluation and analysis of security solutions and mapping them with customer requirements to bring out the right solution for her customers, with a proven track record of building trust among her peers on her judgment she built a great reputation in security community within a short period of time.

Prior to joining NextZen Security, Debbie worked as a senior cyber security business analyst for multiple blue-chip organisations across Australia/NZ region at various capacities. She was one of the first in Australia who worked end to end on a Spam shield project where she was the key stakeholder who led the entire requirements gathering process to get it implemented to become a great success story in Australia’s cyber security landscape.
She has wealth of knowledge in terms of right product selection for her clients based on the requirements when it comes to security. She works with various key security product vendors and their product marketing team to formulate her solution strategy for her customers whether it is direct go-to-market strategy, messaging, technical marketing, and/or competitive intelligence.

Lead Penetration Tester

Steffin Stanly

Steffin Stanly is a highly skilled Penetration Tester with experience in web application penetration testing, internal and external infrastructure testing, OSINT, and API testing. He has helped businesses strengthen their overall security by assisting them in securing their applications and assets through security assessments and bug bounties. Steffin has a strong background in conducting and leading numerous security audits, penetration tests, and red team engagements for a diverse range of clients, including multinational corporations with large-scale infrastructures and smaller companies seeking enhanced security measures for competitive advantage.

Steffin’s skills include penetration testing, web app testing, internal & external infra testing, OSINT, and API testing. He has several certifications, including OSEP, OSCP, and OSWP.

As a Lead penetration tester at Nextzen Security, Steffin manages multiple clients and leverages his expertise in penetration testing, cybersecurity, and vulnerability assessment to identify and mitigate potential vulnerabilities for our clients key infrastructure. He has comprehensively understood the prevailing technology stacks employed worldwide, allowing him to discern their security weaknesses with precision.