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Classically, IT security risk has been seen as the responsibility of the IT or network staff, as those individuals have the best understanding of the components of the control infrastructure. Moreover, security risk assessments have typically been performed within the IT department with little or no input from others.

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This approach has limitations. As systems have become more complex, integrated, and connected to third parties, the security and controls budget quickly reaches its limitations. Therefore, to ensure best use of the available resources, IT should understand the relative significance of different sets of systems, applications, data, storage and communication mechanisms. To meet such requirements, organizations should perform security risk assessments that employ the enterprise risk assessment approach and include all stakeholders to ensure that all aspects of the IT organization are addressed, including hardware and software, employee awareness training, and business processes.

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Added security usually involves additional expense. Since this does not generate easily identifiable income, justifying the expense is often difficult. An effective IT security risk assessment process should educate key business managers on the most critical risks associated with the use of technology, and automatically and directly provide justification for security investments.


Enterprise security risk assessments should improve the productivity of IT operations, security and audit. By taking steps to formalize a review, create a review structure, collect security knowledge within the system’s knowledge base and implement self-analysis features, the risk assessment can boost productivity.


The enterprise security risk assessment system must always be simple enough to use, without the need for any security knowledge or IT expertise. This will allow management to take ownership of security for the organization’s systems, applications and data. It also enables security to become a more significant part of an organization’s culture.

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NextZen Security proved to be an invaluable asset to our business. From the initial consultation to the deployment, each step of the process was handled with professionalism and expertise. NextZen's solution was incredibly easy to deploy on our complex systems and it has helped us save time and money and provide assurance that our customers can feel safe using our platform.

Anthony J Williams

Fantastic analysis of our current business set up. We were able to fend off many security threats on our database and products online.

Peter O'brien