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Cyber security has changed and evolved in many ways over the years, with emphasis on more vulnerabilities in newer technologies, how data is stored and accessed. Businesses are finding new threats every few months which are difficult to keep up with due to their rapid evolution.

Mobile devices have given rise to the BYOD trend - Bring Your Own Device. However, this means increased risk associated with having access to your email or company database through mobile devices if not properly secured.

Organizations are becoming more vulnerable to cyber threats due to the increasing reliance on computers, networks, programs, social media and data globally. Data breaches, a common cyber-attack, have massive negative business impact and often arise from insufficiently protected data. The first step to protect your business from cyber-attack is to understand how cyber attacks might compromise your business sensitive data and which type of attack can be made. As a most important step, ensure to examine your own internal practices as well such as training on new technologies and social media security policies for employees. What you end up doing is up to you however if unsure contact us to know where to start!

A cyber security strategy is about recognizing current threats, being aware of risks or vulnerabilities based on the harm to the organization or system, assessing the impact on safety and property, and protecting against liabilities through proactive measures, preventative actions and responses. A cyber security strategy provides proper documentation and training with staff to protect against liability issues such as negligence, lack of due diligence and foresight or not meeting regulatory compliance requirements that can lead to fines or penalties.

Unfortunately, no. Cybersecurity awareness is one of the top priorities for many businesses, however, the list of cyber-attack victims is still growing. Gaining awareness is the first step to protecting your business, as it's important to understand where the threats are.

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